Automatització industrial

Origins and Services

INGenING was founded in 2007 in Olot (Girona) with the aim of offering integral products for industrial production lines.

Over the years it has specialized in providing bespoke solutions for a wide range of industrial processes: from the handling of raw materials, through manufacturing and even to product packaging and palletizing processes.

The company also designs and manufactures numerous standardised products as a response to constant evolution in any specific sector, such as artificial vision and collaborative robots (cobots), among others.

Ingening offers all its clients both a remote-based and a telephone support service to help solve doubts or incidents.

INGenING also offers a robotics programming service for third parties, which is available for any model or application.

Values and Aims

INGenING’s objectives when it comes to your business:

    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced MLT (Manufacturing Lead Time)
    • A reduction or elimination of repetitive tasks
    • Improved safety at work
    • Greater control over the entire production process
    • Improved energy efficiency