Design and Manufacturing


INGenING is committed to providing tailor-made solutions for your company and delivering turnkey lines.

INGenING uses its own resources when undertaking projects, covering the majority of areas that comprise an installation: mechanical design, electrical design, manufacturing tracking, assembly and commissioning.

After receiving project approval, the first phase is the mechanical design, using 3D programs, together with the production of technical documentation for line assembly.

Next comes the electrical design of the station, and the generation of communication signals between different equipment components.
The third phase involves a team of professionals, who carry out both the mechanical and the electrical assembly tasks.

Finally, programming specialists fine-tune the entire line. Once the equipment installation has been completed, the client then carries out an overall checking procedure in the INGenING facilities. This leads to formal and, where necessary, the final adjustments required by the client, before being sent to his plant.

A team of technicians will travel to the client’s premises to undertake mechanical and electrical assembly and perform start up procedures.
The client will be given all the technical documentation on the line in digital format and on paper, with a list of commercial spare parts and the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic plans.



From our very beginnings, knowledge of robotics language has marked the growth and development of INGenING, and is the main factor behind our success in the industrial sector. INGenING therefore continues to offer a robot-programming service for third parties, in addition to manufacturing equipment.

Equipment manufacturing companies are often faced with the need to manufacture a production line that requires the use of an industrial robot. If you lack an experienced service provider or your own robotics department, these needs can easily cause problems when it comes to moving ahead with the project.

INGenING offers a fast-lane solution for companies can work without robot-programming specialists for these ‘once in a while’ industrial requirements. We provide a service that offers assessment in robot selection and suitable advice on the choice of robot models needed and on the communication requirements necessary between the robot and the other equipment connected to it.

Our client relationship continues after launching the new system through our provision of expert technical support.

Technical Support

Good communication with our clients is a competitive advantage. To do this, and to improve the quality of our services, we offer the installation of VPN modems in our lines in order to facilitate remote assistance that, together with the support offered by our telephone assistance service, reduces periods of production inactivity in the event of a breakdown.

When it comes to spare parts, we manage a swift-response delivery service, ensuring that your needs are met with efficacy.

We also offer training courses in Robotics at several different levels, in accordance with the needs of the applicant company.